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North American Tour 2018
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North American Tour

Date START City / Venue Ticket
▼ January.2018
Jan 31,2018 (Wed) START 8:00PM Montreal, QC/Salle de Maisonneuve チケットのご購入
Date START City / Venue Ticket
▼ February.2018
Feb 1,2018 (Thu)START 8:00PM Montreal, QC/Salle de Maisonneuve チケットのご購入
Feb 2,2018 (Fri)START 8:00PM Quebec, QC/Le Grand Theatre de Quebec チケットのご購入
Feb 3,2018 (Sat)START 8:00PM Toronto, ON/Sony Centre for the Performing Arts チケットのご購入
Feb 5,2018 (Mon)START 8:00PM Sherbrooke, QC/Salle Maurice O'Bready チケットのご購入
Feb 6,2018 (Tue)START 7:30PM Kingston, ON/Grand Theatre - Baby Grand チケットのご購入
Feb 7,2018 (Wed)START 7:45PM Ogdensburg, NY/George Hall Auditorium チケットのご購入
Feb 10,2018 (Sat)START 8:00PM Fairfax, VA/George Mason University Center for the Arts チケットのご購入
Feb 11,2018 (Sun)START 4:00PM Bethlehem, PA/Baker Hall, Zoellner Arts Center チケットのご購入
Feb 13,2018 (Tue)START 7:30PM Storrs, CT/Jorgensen Auditorium チケットのご購入
Feb 14,2018 (Wed)START 7:00PM Morristown, NJ/Mayo Performing Arts Center チケットのご購入
Feb 16,2018 (Fri)START 8:00PM New Brunswick, NJ/State Theatre New Jersey チケットのご購入
Feb 17,2018 (Sat)START 8:00PM Stony Brook, NY/Staller Center for the Arts Main Stage チケットのご購入
Feb 18,2018 (Sun)START 7:30PM Boston, MA/Berklee Performance Center チケットのご購入
Feb 21,2018 (Wed)START 8:00PM Wilmington, DE/Grand Opera House チケットのご購入
Feb 22,2018 (Thu)START 7:30PM Norfolk, VA/The Sandler Center for the Performing Arts Performance Hall チケットのご購入
Feb 23,2018 (Fri)START 8:00PM Charleston, WV/Maier Hall-Clay Center for the Arts チケットのご購入
Feb 24,2018 (Sat)START 7:30PM Cullowhee, NC/John W. Bardo Fine & Performing Arts Center Performance Hall チケットのご購入
Feb 25,2018 (Sun)START 3:00PM Danville, VA/George Washington High School チケットのご購入
Feb 28,2018 (Wed)START 7:30PM Newberry, SC/Newberry Opera House チケットのご購入
DateSTARTCity / Venue Ticket
▼ March.2018
Mar 1,2018 (Thu)START 7:30PM Maryville, TN/Clayton Center for the Arts Theatre チケットのご購入
Mar 2,2018 (Fri) START 8:00PM Nashville, TN/James K. Polk Theater チケットのご購入
Mar 3,2018 (Sat)START 8:00PM Germantown, TN/Germantown Performing Arts Center チケットのご購入
Mar 4,2018 (Sun)START 7:30PM Conway, AR/Donald W. Reynolds Performance Hall チケットのご購入
Mar 6,2018 (Tue)START 7:00PM Cleveland, MS/Delta & Pine Land Theatre チケットのご購入
Mar 7,2018 (Wed)START 7:00PM Mississippi State, MS/Bettersworth Auditorium in Lee Hall チケットのご購入
Mar 10,2018 (Sat)START 7:30PM Pensacola, FL/Saenger Theatre チケットのご購入
Mar 13,2018 (Tue)START 7:00PM Lady Lake, FL/Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center チケットのご購入
Mar 15,2018 (Thu)START 7:30PM St.Petersburg,FL/Mahaffey Theatre チケットのご購入
Mar 16,2018 (Fri)START 8:00PM Miami, FL/Main Stage, South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center チケットのご購入
Mar 19,2018 (Mon)START 8:00PM Athens, GA/Hodgson Concert Hall チケットのご購入
Mar 22,2018 (Thu)START 7:30PM Indianapolis, IN/Clowes Memorial Hall チケットのご購入
Mar 23,2018 (Fri)START 7:30PM Clinton Township, MI/Macomb Center for Performing Arts チケットのご購入
Mar 24,2018 (Sat)START 8:00PM Toledo, OH/Stranahan Theatre チケットのご購入
Mar 25,2018 (Sun)START 3:00PM Saginaw, MI/The Temple Theatre チケットのご購入
Mar 27,2018 (Tue)START 7:30PM Champaign, IL/Krannert Center チケットのご購入
Mar 28,2018 (Wed)START 7:30PM Lebanon, IL/Russel E. and Fern M. Hettenhausen Center for the Arts SOLD OUT >>Waiting List
Mar 31,2018 (Sat)START 8:00PM Minneapolis, MN/Orchestra Hall チケットのご購入
DateSTARTCity / Venue Ticket
▼ April.2018
Apr 2,2018 (Mon)START 7:30PM Wausau, WI/Grand Theater on ArtsBlock チケットのご購入
Apr 5,2018 (Thu)START 7:30PM Fairfield, IA/Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts チケットのご購入
Apr 6,2018 (Fri)START 7:00PM Emporia, KS/Albert Taylor Hall チケットのご購入
Apr 7,2018 (Sat)START 7:00PM Overland Park, KS/Yardley Hall チケットのご購入
Apr 8,2018 (Sun)START 7:00PM Overland Park, KS/Yardley Hall チケットのご購入
Apr 9,2018 (Mon)START 7:30PM Manhattan, KS/McCain Auditorium チケットのご購入
Apr 13,2018 (Fri)START 7:30PM Boerne, TX/Boerne Champion Auditorium チケットのご購入
Apr 14,2018 (Sat)START 7:30PM Houston, TX/Jones Hall for the Performing Arts チケットのご購入
Apr 15,2018 (Sun)START 7:30PM Dallas, TX/Strauss Square チケットのご購入
Apr 17,2018 (Tue)START 7:30PM Midland, TX/Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center Performance Hall チケットのご購入
Apr 19,2018 (Thu)START 7:30PM Santa Fe, NM/Lensic Performing Arts Center チケットのご購入
Apr 20,2018 (Fri)START 8:00PM Albuquerque, NM/Popejoy Hall チケットのご購入
Apr 21,2018 (Sat)START 7:30PM Las Vegas, NV/The Smith Center, Reynolds Hall チケットのご購入
Apr 22,2018 (Sun)START 7:30PM Mesa, AZ/Tom and Janet Ikeda Theater チケットのご購入
Apr 24,2018 (Tue)START 6:30PM Tucson, AZ/Fox Tucson Theatre チケットのご購入
Apr 26,2018 (Thu)START 7:00PM Santa Barbara, CA/Campbell Hall チケットのご購入
Apr 27,2018 (Fri)START 8:00PM Poway, CA/Poway Center for the Performing Arts チケットのご購入
Apr 28,2018 (Sat)START 4:00PM Santa Monica, CA/The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage チケットのご購入
Apr 28,2018 (Sat)START 7:30PM Santa Monica, CA/The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage チケットのご購入
Apr 29,2018 (Sun)START 4:00PM Orange, CA/Musco Center for the Arts Mainstage チケットのご購入
DateSTARTCity / Venue Ticket
▼ May.2018
May 1,2018 (Tue)START 7:30PM Eugene, OR/Silva Concert Hall チケットのご購入
May 2,2018 (Wed)START 7:30PM Medford, OR/Craterian Theater チケットのご購入
May 4,2018 (Fri)START 7:30PM Modesto, CA/Mary Stuart Rogers Theater チケットのご購入
May 5,2018 (Sat)START 7:30PM Fresno, CA/William Saroyan Theatre チケットのご購入
May 6,2018 (Sun)START 7:00PM Berkeley, CA/Zellerbach Hall チケットのご購入

Live in Manila

DateSTARTCity / Venue Ticket
▼ April.2018
Apr 19,2018 (Thu)START 8:00PMManila/Kia Theatreチケットのご購入
Apr 20,2018 (Fri)START 8:00PMManila/Kia Theatreチケットのご購入
Apr 21,2018 (Sat)START 2:30PMManila/Kia Theatreチケットのご購入
Apr 21,2018 (Sat)START 8:00PMManila/Kia Theatreチケットのご購入
Apr 22,2018 (Sun)START 4:30PMManila/Kia Theatreチケットのご購入

Live in China

DateSTARTCity / Venue Ticket
▼ July.2018
Jul 3,2018 (Tue)START 7:30PMBeijing Poly Theatre チケットのご購入
Jul 4,2018 (Wed)START 7:30PMBeijing Poly Theatre チケットのご購入


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“The highly acclaimed debut of DRUM TAO in Broadway will represent not only Japanese entertainment but Japan itself”

Supernaturally fit and superbly trained… Stunning… Fully deserving of the standing ovation that the company receives.

Extraordinarily talented percussion artists, and they’re seductive, alluring performers.
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