Terms and Conditions


・A DRUM TAO original picnic blanket (60cm x 90cm) is provided to all ticket holders for seating at the entrance.
・A ticket is only valid to be used by one person for one day.
・Reissues and refunds are not available after purchase.
・Change and cancellations are not possible after purchase for workshop entry.
・Refunds will not be issued in the case of the event being interrupted or cancelled due to an abrupt change in wheather, natural disasters, or any other reasons the event is stopped.
・Ticket resale is prohibited.


・Using any ground sheet or blanket except the TAO original picnic blanket is prohibited inside the area.
・Bringing large pieces of lugguage that are unable to fit on the TAO original picnic blanket (60cm x 90cm) is prohibited.
・We are unable to look after your personal belongings.
・This is an outdoor event. Please refrain from attending the event if you have an adverse health condition.
・Please be concious of your health and be proactive especially with regards to heat stroke and dehydration.
・Food and drink from outside is prohibited.
・Grandioso is in a mountainous region where the weather can change suddenly. Please be well prepared for rain, heat, and cold.
・During the live performance, putting up an umbrella is prohibited even in the event of rain. Please bring your own raincoat.
・Please make sure to take the shuttle bus from Kuju Flower Park where the parking lot is. Going on foot is prohibited.
・Bringing a tent, tarp, parasol, chair or table is prohibited.
・Taking pets and carrying flammables such as fireworks or any items that are considered dangerous or illegal into the site is prohibited.
・The event staff have the right to ask any person not following these terms and conditions and on-site directions, or causing problems to other guests in or out of the site, to leave the event site without a refund.
・You are responsible for your own personal belongings. The event organizer, staff, and artists cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items in or out of the site.
・The schedule is subject to change due to weather or other matters.
・Entering the site out of the opening hours and camping in the site are prohibited.
・Taking pictures, videos, and recording during workshops and live performances is strictly prohibited.
・Taking pictures with artist trainees and asking them for autographs is prohibited.

◉Weather conditions

・TAO's summer festival will continue to be held in rainy conditions.
・In the case of stormy weather with an official weather warning, the event organizer will make a decision regarding the suspension of the event and will annouce this via the official website, facebook, and SNS.
・The event organizer is not responsible for any incidents and injuries caused by severe weather conditions.
<Postponement due to severe weather conditions>
If you have a reserved seating ticket for a day which has been cancelled due to severe weather, this can be used as a general admission ticket for any other day except the final day.
<In the case of stormy weather on Saturday, the 24th>
Limited to the 125 guests holding the reserved seating ticket for the 24th, they can be used as a general admission ticket for the final day.
Please note that the reserved seating tickets upto and including the 23rd cannot be used for the final day.
<In the case of stormy weather on Sunday, the 25th>
The event will be postponed on Monday, the 26th.
Please note that tickets are not refundable for any reason.

◉Other terms

・Please note that these rules, terms and conditions are subject to change in order to ensure an orderly operation. Please note that that tickets are not refundable in the case of changes to these rules, terms and conditions.
・In the case of dishonest entry or other dishonest actions, the event staff shall have the right to ask person to leave the site for any reason.
・The event organizer will be filming the event. Please note that pictures and videos from the event may be published on the DRUM TAO official website or/and other media.
・All guest information will be kept by the event organizer only.

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