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Performing 5days in EVERY WEEK from March 10th at Nature Theater!

SPRING:From March 10th Wed to Jun 30th Wed , 2021
LIVE SCHEDULE:Door open at 1:30p.m / Show start at 2:00 p.m (45min)

CLOSE:Every Tuesday & Wednesday. When Tuesday & Wednesday are national holiday, the next day is closed.

Live Ticket

"Live On TAO Nature Theater in 2021" Spring performancce: From March 10th Wed to Jun 28th Wed, 2021

■Date-Free Ticket
Adults (Over 13years old) 4,500JPY / Children (Over 4 years) 2,500JPY
■Special Discount for Taketa-City and Ubuyama Village Citizens
Adults (Over 13years old) 3,500JPY / Children (Over 4 years) 2,000JPY
■Special Coupon
Books of 10 tickts : 36,000JPY / Books of 5 tickts : 20,000JPY

Valid from Wed, 10 March 2021 until the last performance in December

*Date-Free Tickets are exchanged to reserved seat tickets at the reception on that day.
*Kids 3years and under : Free ( If requires 1 seat, applied Childlren Price )
*Prices include admission fee to TAO HOUSE.
*Wheelchair Seat Adults : 4,500JPY, Children : 2,500JPY at the specific area
*If we accept exceed the 244 reserved seats, we'll guide the audience to the unreserved area(lawn seats).
*Admission fee for TAO HOUSE Adults(Over 13years old) 500JPY / Children(Over 4years old) 300JPY [Free observatory included]

Tickets agency below are also available:
◯Lawson Ticket [ L-code:83126 ]
◯Ticket Pia [P-code : 781-736] Tel : 0570-02-9999 (Auto-voice guidance in JAPANESE only)


Open 11am - 5pm *Final entrance at 4:30pm
CLOSE:Every Tuesday & Wednesday. When Tuesday & Wednesday are national holiday, the next day is closed.
TAO HOUSE Admission Fee : Adults (Over 13years) 500 JPY / Children (Over 4 years) 300 JPY

Infants : Free (Adults must be accompanied)

Find your great experience with DRUM TAO!

There are stage costumes exhibitions produced by JUNKO KOSHINO, DRUM TAO bioglaphy, merchandise, café and the bar.
Everybody can enjoy this facility even if you don't know about DRUM TAO!

Please enjoy seeing a superb view while enjoying drinks and foods from café and the bar at the premises.
It's the precious experience to have a meal while fascinated by the magnificent view.
Both your heart and stomache will be satistfied.


Delicious foods produced by TAO members
Enjoy seasonal foods and original drinks produced by TAO members. Various meal brings out in the best for supporting local food production.


TAO members will serve you the high quality cocktails.
You can also enjoy having a conversation with members while enjoying drinks. We prepare non-alchohol cocktails for drivers!


Don't worry, Anybody/Everybody can enjoy stage performances at this theater, even if you never experienced DRUM TAO. Don't miss out the regularly-updated videos!


There are some limited items available.
DRUM TAO official merchandise and TAO Nature Theatre limited items are on sale. Thre are some memorable photos of members next to the merchandise store. There is no doubt ARTIST SHOP will excite you so much!


Stage costumes produced by JUNKO KOSHINO, photo exhibition which can trace History of TAO.
There are behind the scene shots and photos of world tour. Please enjoy members' relaxed faces which you won't see on the stage. There is an exhibition of JUNKO KOSHINO's produced stage costumes which they've actually worn.


If you are lucky, you can watch special live performance here.
Open space hall surrounded by 12 TV moniters.You can also enjoy exlusive movies.


Rooftop terrace surrounded by superb view full range.
You can enjoy foods and drinks from TAO café and bar here.