Innovative Entertainment

TAO was established in 1993 in Aichi prefecture, Japan, with the goal of entertaining the world. In 1995, to pursue an even deeper creative environment, TAO moved to the Kuju area of Taketa city, Oita prefecture, Kyushu Island – the site of the legendary Aso Kuju National Park. Based in Kuju, TAO began the creation of a distinct world of its own, through original theater arts, costumes and more. A production office was established in Kuju to run shows both inside and outside of Japan, as well as market, design and produce video. Then, in 2010 in collaboration with the overseas endeavors of Hakata Ippudo Ramen, a special shop was opened. Fusing food and theater with a Japanese aesthetic, the project conveys the innovative spirit of TAO.

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Imaginative Drum Art

The performers who take the stage for TAO are both highly trained athletes and highly-expressive artists. Melodies of various genres and traditional instruments result in an enchanting scene that only TAO can present, using world-class techniques and specialized knowledge. From 2012, global fashion designer Junko Koshino has collaborated with TAO to unite fashion and entertainment, making an even more sublime performing art.

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20Counries,400cities and 5.5million people.
When TAO was established, a benchmark goal was also established – one million tickets sold. TAO achieved this in seven and a half years. Then TAO made an appearance in 2004 and 2005 at the world-renowned art and music festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland, UK. Among the 1,800 groups gathered at the festival, only TAO holds the honor of top ticket sales for two consecutive years. A world tour then began, with headliner shows at arena’s in Taiwan for two consecutive years and an appearance at the Vancouver Olympics. During the North American tour, TAO was received with glowing reviews in the media and all 50 shows were sold out.


History of DRUM TAO
Established in Aichi prefecture.In 1995, TAO moves to the Kuju area of Taketa city, Oita prefecture, Kyushu Island – the site of the legendary Aso Kuju National Park
While remaining centered in Kyushu, TAO reaches 1 million tickets sold. TAO Village is established on a 40,000 square meter plot in Aso Kuju National Park. The facilities include three training rooms, a gym, spa, guesthouse and more.
For the first time, TAO joins over 1,800 groups and attends the world’s largest festival of the arts - the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This is where TAO makes its world debut with a run of 25 consecutive days of sold out shows.
TAO returns to Edinburgh Festival Fringe and again reached top ticket sales. After this begins the TAO world tour
TAO goes to Germany for a three-month long run of the show.
40,000 people in Taipei, Taiwan, watch TAO at an arena during two headliner shows.
TAO returns for more headliner shows in Taiwan for the second time.
TAO embarks on a 15-city Japan tour organized by Fuji TV, as well as visits the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the third time to achieve another ticket sales record. Establishment of the Red Helmet outdoor program for an audience of 2000 at the TAO Village
A sold-out North American tour of 44 cities totaling 50 shows.Performance at the Vancouver Olympics.
TAO and Ippudo Ramen open collaborative spaces with a Tenjin store, Ginza store and Singapore store.
The tour in Japan is expanded to 200 performances, with multiple consecutive dates in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya and Osaka. At the Fukuoka Canal City Theater a domestic long run of 13 shows is carried out, and TAO receives an award from Oita prefecture for outstanding cultural contribution.
TAO tours North America and Asia, appears in an Under Armour clothing commercial, and begins the Junko Koshino collaboration.
TAO celebrates its 20th anniversary, 43shows in Europe. Performance as an opening act for WBC opening ceremony. Tours with Kabuki actors, NAKAMURA Brothers.
Third North America Tour.
Taketa city appoints TAO to be "International Tourism Goodwill Ambassador".
TAO recieves "The 6th Japan Tourism Agency Comissioner's Awards" from Japan Tourism Agency.