Contemporary, soak through the world.

~Japanese essence~ I have a lively interest in TAO since I enjoy designing the costumes for musical and opera productions.
TAO is the group of the artists features with their sharp movements and its fantastic team work.
Their stage production goes far beyond the ordinal traditional drums performance and reaches the new creation of entertainment.
It is stunning that TAO attracts audience with their own original entertainment.
It is my pleasure to be a part of this new creation that entertain the people with its sound(drums) and view(costumes).
In 2009, TAO and IPPUDO established the partnership corporation, “TAOxIPPUDOPartners “.
HAKATA IPPUDO, who aim to bring smiles and sense of gratitude to the peoplein the world through the view of dining, and, TAO who continues its international activities with the will to deliver Japanese spirit to overseas with their own style of Japanese drums…
Though “Ramen” and “Traditional Drums” are different products, the mission that both parties to achieve is the same, ” to deliver smiles, vigor,
courage, and vitality”, and their mission field is the “World”.
“TAO X IPPUDO “is the new form of entertainment, that combines ramen and performing arts, attempted by IPPUDO, who regards its branches as their performing stage, and TAO Entertainment.
TAO and Chlorella felt sympathy toward both of the activities, exchanged the theories to each other,
and made a promise to build a society filled with hope.
We reached the 8th years since we started sponsoring TAO.
A TAO loop that covers entire nation keeps spreading out through many TAO performances in Japan.
With the motto, “TAO for the mind, Biolink for the body”, we will keep spreading the bond of Japan larger and stronger.